Price Term : FOB Crystal River, Florida
     - All pricing is subject to change. 
     - Customers will be notified of changes in pricing one month prior to the effective date.  

Payment Term 
     All orders are subject to our credit approval. With approved credit, term is Net 30 Days from shipment arrival date. Payment can be made
     either by check, wire transfer or credit card. Marine Town reserves the right to adjust payment terms on Net accounts to cash or credit card 
     terms should the account become delinquent on a persistent basis.
Late Charge 
     All invoices not paid by Due Date will be subject to late charges in the amount of 1% per month. No shipments will be made on past due
     accounts until payments are settled.

Orders Requiring Down Payment 
     For items that Marine Town does not stock regularly or are in need of customization, partial or full down payment will be required.
Custom Orders
     An overview of our process and requirements for custom projects has been provided below for your reference. 100% down payment is the
     confirmation for the tooling.
     ( Drawing → Prototype → 100% Down Payment of Tooling Cost → Tooling → Tooling Sample Confirmation → Down Payment for Mass
      Production → Mass Production )

     Please be advised that orders placed for customized/built-to-order product are not eligible for cancellation and will only be considered
     for return in the event of product failure. 

Minimum Order Quantities
     Most products categorized in MT Series are stocked regularly in the USA, no minimum order quantities are required unless otherwise specified,
     and less-than-standard-pack quantities are allowed.  However, bulk no. with “  MOQ“ icon indicates that the product is a non-stock product
     and will require a minimum order quantity and additional lead time.

Blanket Orders for Customized or Non-Stock Products
     Orders requiring a minimum order quantity are considered blanket orders. Release specifications may vary by MOQ. Blanket order release
     quantities and shipment dates can be scheduled at your discretion over the course of one year. Initial releases should be scheduled within
     one month of the ship date on the sales order confirmation you receive from your customer service representative.  Failure to release
     the full quantity on order within one year of the ship date on the sales order confirmation will result in a 5% storage fee per month.
     Please be advised that orders placed for customized/built-to-order product are not eligible for cancellation and will only be considered
     for return in the event of product failure. 

Drop Ship Order
     A handling fee of US$50 will be charged for every drop ship order.
International Air / Express Fee
     Marine Town shall not be liable for the freight cost of international air/express shipments incurred  as a result of new or increased demand for
     product without advanced notice.

Marine Town Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that all products will be free from defect of materials or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase.

During the limited warranty period, defective products will be repaired or replaced with a like product (at Marine Town’s discretion) without charge to the original purchaser, when returned parts are shipped prepaid and accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization to :

Marine Town Inc.
2061 NW US Highway 19, Crystal River, FL 34428
TEL: 352-564-1150

This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse or neglect, improper installation or service, or unauthorized modifications, misapplication or other use not arising out of defects in material and workmanship. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to evaluate Marine Town’s products for fit and application for their specific needs.

Marine Town shall not be responsible or liable for incidental, consequential costs, expenses of removal, labor costs associated with replacement/repair of installation or products, and damages incurred by the original purchaser, cooperation, or personal injury.

All returned product must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by Marine Town. Special order products will only be considered for return in the event of product failure.

Products returned with cosmetic or functional damages (including, but not limited to, surface or installation damages) resulting from improper use by the customer will not be issued a credit. 

■  The RMA# must be clearly marked on the outside of the box.
■  A Return Merchandise Authorization is not an approval or guarantee of credit.
■  Proof of purchase is required for all RMA submissions. 
■  Non-warranty return:
     - Will be subject to a 15% restocking fee assuming the product is returned in a saleable condition.
     - Must be requested within 30 days of the original receipt date and accompanied by the proof of purchase.
     - Must be returned in “like-new” or “saleable” condition with original package (at Marine Town’s discretion).

Marine Town reserves the right to deny liability for shipment errors ( including but not limited to short shipment quantities, missing product or receipt of incorrect part numbers ) not reported within 10 days of delivery.

Marine Town makes every effort to properly package and inspect every shipment before it departs our warehouse locations. Any product damage or loss, once the shipment has been transferred to the carrier, is the carrier’s responsibility. Marine Town assumes no liability for damage or loss during the transportation phase. All shipments should be inspected prior to the departure of the delivering driver. While we will assist in every way possible with tracking or documentation, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier as soon as damage or loss is discovered.

■  Marine Town products are primarily stainless steel 316.  However, variations in material may occur to accommodate particular product demand
     or function.
Material used in components such as tubing, plates and miscellaneous accessories such as screws, washers, nuts, pins, and
     springs, etc. are generally made from stainless steel 304.

■  Each product will have a size tolerance under casting process or secondary machining such as polishing.  Specification differences from the
     catalog under these circumstances will be acceptable. 

■  Marine Town reserves the right to adjust specifications in order to improve the product function without prior notification to customers. 
■  Our marine grade stainless steel products are extremely resistant to corrosion. However, the corrosion-resistant surface can be damaged
     through mechanical means, heat or chemical damage.  
     Marine Town encourages regular and thorough cleaning of all stainless steel hardware to extend the product life.  
     We would advise customers against the use of cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals as these are known to increase the potential for
     rust and corrosion.  

■   Repeated abrasion or hard objects may damage PVD coating.  
■  Damage to products resulting from abrasive or harsh cleaning practices as well as general long  term use outside the warranty period will not
     be covered under the Marine Town warrant policy.